Our Faculty and Staff

Principal                                       Mrs. Leah Cariño
Pre-School (Kinder 1&2)            Ms. Charmaine Cerdan
Grade 1                                         Ms. Nita Calado
Grade 2                                         Mr. Julius Cabic
Grade 3                                         Mr. Arwel Padilla
Grade 4                                         Mrs. Regina Celeste
Grade 5                                         Mrs. Leny Biado
Grade 6                                         Mrs. Mary Jane Teodosio

                    SECONDARY DEPARTMENT
Principal                                      Mrs. Ligaya Caniedo

Assistant Principal                    Mrs. Liza Corpuz

Grade 7A                                     Mrs. Ariane Zabala

Grade 7B                                      Ms. Grace Carolino
Grade 8A                                      Mr. Ray Mark Casulla
Grade 8B                                      Mr. Diosdado Gacutan
Grade 9A                                      Ms. Mae Anne Marie Dela Cruz
Grade 9B                                      Mr. Edmar Cardaño
Grade 10A                                    Ms. Maria Angelica Castillo
Grade 10B                                    Mr. Jonarey Vergara

Grade 11A                                    Mr. Billy Caranay

Grade 11B                                    Mr. Raymund Baldon
Grade 12                                      Mrs. Liza Corpuz

Dean                                             Mrs. Angeles Otibar

Ms. Gladys Candelario              Mrs. Elizabeth Tomas
Mrs. Sherilyn Nuesca                Mr. Josel Hubert Salmorin 

Mrs. Flora Figuerres                  Mrs. Gesselle Joy Casaña
Mrs. Elizabeth Carolino            Mr. Mark Caballar
Ms. Gay Alnitz Caampued        Mrs. Jerry Oria
Mrs. Mary Ann Salting              Mr. Tito Orlanda
Rev. Ronnie Molina                    Dr. Jeannette Liwaliw
Dr. Edwin Ampler                      Dr. Renan Celeste
Dr. Rizalina Cacho                      Mrs. Elvira Aqui

                              STAFF MEMBERS

President                                      Rev. Marsha G. Alexander
College Dean                                Mrs. Angeles D. Otibar
High School Principal                Mrs. Ligaya C. Cacho

Asst. High School Principal      Mrs. Liza Corpuz
Elementary Principal                Mrs. Leah C. Cariño
Treasurer                                     Mrs. Lorena C. Celeste
Cashier                                         Mrs. Erna A. Valdez
ESC Administrative Asst.          Mrs. Jeed Lussel O. Cardaño
Registrar                                      Mrs. Veronica C. Celeste
Asst. Registrar                             Mrs. Jussel C. Carace
Administrative Assistant          Mrs. Leabeth C. Calinog
Librarian                                     Mrs. Necitas C. Carace
Asst. Librarian                            Mr. Roberto Palulay
School Nurse                               Mrs. Sheinah Dela Rosa
Deaconess                                    Ms. Bernadette Delizo

Mr. Edmar Francisco
Mr. Marlon Verceles
Mrs. Merygen Cabic

Mr. Marlon Navalta
Mr. Tirso Boton

        Asbury is in need of full time college faculty with M.A. degrees.  We offer financial aid program for our faculty to allow them to earn their M.A. degrees. Right now we have two in doctoral and 9 M.A. studies.  This is another need for our school where we need financial assistance. Thank you for your continued support to Asbury.