Our President

Anda, Pangasinan 2405

Here’s the latest update from our beloved President.

September 25, 2017

Dear Church family and friends,

Greetings from Asbury College! This school year began as a normal year in June. But by mid June things got to be really interesting and mysterious as we began to experience “break ins’ and vandalism on campus. Finally in early July we had an opportunity to face our vandal – a 15 year old mentally challenged young man who was breaking in looking for food and coins. We thought that was over after we “caught” him but in a few days, we began to have a different kind of break in! Until now we have now been able to catch the offenders – we have many police reports. These vandals are breaking locks and destroying things in the classrooms. No large items are missing – such as computers, overheads or items which might be sold. This has been happening since early July. Today we are installing CCTV cameras in our school! We now have a lead of who the offenders might be as they were seen by a parent last Sunday at 4 a.m. climbing our fence. We also have hired two new guards – a woman and another male guard. Hopefully in the next few weeks, the leads will bring results. Does this mean Asbury is now experiencing what it is to be in the modern world???

This school year has also brought other kinds of events. In July, I was called home to the bedside of my now deceased father. He was 90 years old and lived a full and rich life. He is now at rest and in the arms of our Heavenly Father. Upon returning in early August, Asbury has also seen the loss of several alumni. This school year has been one of emotional stress but God has been faithful and His love has sustained us through all the sad times.

The good news is that our students have been active and succeeding in putting the name of Asbury on the academic charts as well as athletic charts. Last week, one of our six grade male students won the championship in the municipal and unit competitions (competing with public schools) in singles table tennis. He will now go on to the Elementary Division meet. Our high school students also won 8 gold medals in the municipal athletic meet about three weeks ago and today won 2 place in the Mathematics contest. Forty eight College graduates of Education this past Sunday took the L.E.T. exam for professional license for teachers. The results will come out around November. Even our faculty have moved up in the academic field as six of our faculty acted as examinee watchers for the PRC (national regulatory commission) during the testing.

We now have full time faculty that have M.A. degrees – Sir Hubert, Madam Liza, Madam Leah and nine others working toward their M.A. degrees. Our dean is working to complete her doctorate in education.

We hired a new nurse last summer and since her coming to Asbury – we have worked in cooperation with the local health clinic in providing vaccinations for our elementary and high school pupils. Our clinic is now a real center – bright and cheerful with its own CR!

The elementary building has been completed and grades 4,5, 6 are in the lower rooms. They have raised funds and now have tiled floors and with the talented teachers have decorated their rooms. Our benches outside have even been decorated by one of our very talented elementary teachers – Madam Mary Jane.

Our old dilapidated canteen was demolished last summer. It was very dangerous and had been destroyed by termites and typhoons. So beginning this school year – each department has its own canteen until our new student union building is complete – each department has projects and the money they earn goes to their department. The college students has really worked hard and have managed to complete their CR in their college building. It is amazing what can be accomplished with team work!!!

As I am writing this letter, men are working on building one of the two water towers that will be used to connect our new wells – we now have four (before we had only one operable). The old antiquated water tank will be torn down as soon as the other one is ready.

The Senior High 12th grade was added this year to our school – making the completed new educational system of K12. Our population is 1054 students and our part and full time faculty and staff over 50. We continue to grow and grow.

God has been good to us – even in our trials – we have made a name for our school, within the United Methodist circle of schools as well as within our Region 1.   Our Bishop recently called together the presidents of the five Baguio Episcopal Area institutions of higher education and we organized. That meeting was at Aldersgate College, a sister school. The next meeting will be at Asbury on October 18th. Our five of us are officers in this historic organization. It will be an organization that will hopefully bring our 5 schools together to cooperate in short term faculty exchange and other academic activities that can broaden our mission.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. I know that these are difficult days in the US as there have been many disasters happening but I hope that you will not forget about Asbury.  We are in need of scholarships for our students still, especially college students.  This year through GBGM (General Board of Global Ministries) we have 50 elementary students (at about $100 per child per year including books), secondary students are 4 because most of them are recipients of government assistance ($110 per year per student), and 51 college students ($250 per student per year).  Any gift is a great help to our student and a blessing to our school. Our GBGM ADVANCE # is 3021056 and is tax deductible.

Again, thank you for your support for me as a missionary to the Philippines. God has blessed me beyond any thing I could have imagined. Your prayers and support are one of those blessings!   My GBGM missionary advance #10772Z.